tcw0041 – Thunder (Killpussy) vs Andrew

He might be giving away a lot of weight to his muscular opponent, but right from the start Andrew doesn’t take a step back in challenging Thunder. Unfortunately for him, Thunder doesn’t take a step back either. And it’s soon clear her size and strength are going to prove an awful lot for this lightweight young man to deal with. Dynamo’s counting the pins in this fight – and it has to be noted she particularly enjoys counting them too! As the match wears on Andrew finds himself continually overwhelmed by Thunder, despite his best efforts. Indeed, his frustration at the beating he’s getting eventually gets the better of him. After being forced to submit to a bodyscissors, he shrugs away from Thunder when she offers him her hand to help him up. And Dynamo simply can’t hide her glee (see tcw0038 for the reasons why). “Payback,” she can be heard to say early on in this fight. A tough match – and a hard wrestling lesson for Andrew.

23 minutes

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