smw0087 – Justice & Jenna vs Jonathan & Tim

(Pins, Submissions & Bondage Match)

A match in two parts. In the first, all four wrestlers are on the mats at the same time. When a submission or pin is scored in either of the two matches, they have to swap opponents. The team with the most points at the end of this first part can then use ropes. And also in the second part, the winners can double-team each of the losers in turn.

In the pins and submissions matches it’s a particularly tough time for Tim, both women dominating and punishing him throughout. Jonathan does better. Though his efforts are thwarted by his teammate’s beating. Particularly at one stage, when he’s about to achieve a successful pin on Jenna, Justice extracts another submission from Tim and Jonathan has to stop to change his opponent – to the delight of the women.

So it is Justice and Jenna who are victorious in the first part.

Tim is then ordered off the mats, and Jonathan is first up to face them both and the ropes. The women have to work hard to subdue and bind him. But they work well together and do just that. Then it’s Tim’s turn. And he’s soon overwhelmed and helplessly trussed up too.

Though it’s not quite over, as the women decide to roll the guys together and tie them to each other. There’s some foot in the face taunting from Jenna, while Justice gleefully binds them further. As they enjoy their victory and their opponent’s complete humiliation.

23 minutes

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