smw0075 – Spice & Jinx (ft. London) vs Jonathan & Tim


This was supposed to be a 2 vs 2 match with London as referee. However, it doesn’t quite work out that way. Filmed with 2 cameras (operated by Jade and Chanel), ultimately what happens proves that the guys are indeed well and truly outnumbered on the mats here. To begin with all four wrestlers simultaneously fight each other, swapping opponents at various stages throughout. Jonathan proves to be a difficult challenge for both Spice and Jinx. But it is no surprise that Tim is the weakest link for the guys, both women able to dominate and punish him effectively. And so as the match progresses, the scoreline is very much in favour of Spice and Jinx. But it is soon clear, this is not just about the scoreline for the women. And after Chanel gives the signal, London pounces on Tim, and Spice goes for the ropes. With Tim hopelessly pinned, Spice and Jinx get to work on tying up Jonathan. Then it’s Tim’s turn. Jinx looks like she’s going to make short work of dealing with him. However, it’s not quite over yet – Chanel pointing out that the job is not complete on either guy as their legs are not tied. There’s some admirable defiance from Tim who actually manages to struggle free of his ropes. But while Spice finishes the job on Jonathan, it’s not long before Jinx has Tim subdued again, and makes sure she does the same to him too. To complete their comprehensive and humiliating defeat.

15 minutes

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