smw0052 – Blaze vs Jonathan

The first half of this match is pins and submissions. At the half-way stage, ropes are introduced, and whoever is in the lead then has the chance to tie up their opponent. And this proves to be a very tough match for young Jonathan. Blaze is fast, lithe and strong – and just too much for him. Indeed it’s a working-over for Jonathan in the first half. When Axa does introduce those ropes, his problems just increase. He struggles and squirms, but Blaze proves to be very efficient with the ropes too, and Jonathan is methodically bound. With the help of Axa, he’s then dragged to the centre of the mats. Not that his punishment is entirely over, as Blaze can’t resist giving him some more pain as she pulls on the ropes – and even enjoys extracting yet another final submission from her helpless opponent. Before Axa joins her to celebrate her dominating victory over the humiliated young man.

17 minutes

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