smw0029 – Chanel & Jinx vs Steve

Chanel and Jinx take on Steve in a 2 vs 1 tag match. Their aim is to score enough submissions within fifteen minutes to have a 3 point lead over him. If they achieve that they can both start wrestling him at the same time with the next aim of tying and gagging him. If at the end of 15 minutes they haven’t managed that 3 point lead, they are allowed a further 10 minutes to wrestle him together to try and tie and gag him. Steve’s a strong guy and it’s not easy for the women taking him on individually. Their partner has to have both feet on the yellow mats for a tag to count and Steve does his best to keep whoever he’s wrestling in the centre of the red mat to avoid tags. But the women work well in keeping the tags going as they try to wear him down. When it does become 2 on to 1 at the same time, a tired Steve clearly knows he’s in trouble. And indeed as Chanel and Jinx get to work with the ropes and gag, it all gets a bit too much for him.

20 minutes

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