smw0001 – Chrissi vs Jonathan

Chrissi is one very feisty woman and she just loves to fight. But Jonathan has come to win – as Chrissi soon finds out as she’s forced to concede a very painful submission early on. Chrissi also hates to concede points and the look on her face when she has to says it all. These two are undoubtedly well-matched opponents and this fight is an exhausting struggle for both. Head and body scissors prove successful for each fighter, with Chrissi also gaining successes with breast-smothering. An attempted reverse face-sit by Chrissi has Jonathan desperately trying to avoid being forced to submit to the humiliating pin. And it looks like he’s got out of it too. But Chrissi is determined not to be denied and is soon back on top to work his face into position again. It’s a narrow win for the victor in this fight. But they don’t care about the margin of victory, it’s just the winning that matters. And the beaten wrestler? Will certainly want a re-match!

19 minutes

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